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Mountjoy, Robert Principal
Welborn, Lori Assistant Principal
Foster, Erica Bookkeeper
Russell, Andrea Registrar and Student Services
Hookey, Vamela Receptionist

Adams, Myra Fifth Grade Social Studies and Science
Asher, Shannon Interventionist
Blackwell, Ashley Kindergarten
Boesing, Beth EIP
Boesing, Heather Fourth
Boland, Jennifer Interventionist
Bomar, Kelly Music
Breedlove, Lisa Special Education
Brown, Brittany Pre-K
Brumley, Charlotte Special Education
Burch, Tracy First
Carter, Suzette Second
Caulkins, Carolyn Third
Clark, Liz Second
Courdin, Amy Speech and Language
Culpepper, Amy Interventionist
Davidson, Angel Fourth
Dunn, Amy First Grade
Dycus, Cherise First
Erdman, Leslie Horizon and EIP
Hall, Jennifer Kindergarten
Henderson, Ashley Media Center
Holcomb, Angie Fifth
Josephsen, Nicole Kindergarten
Meadows, Christy Fifth
Napolitano, Jack Physical Education
Nix, Lois Special Education
Palmer, Kimberly Third
Parker, Caleb Fourth
Pennington, Gail EIP
Riddle, Melody Kindergarten
Sholl, Penny First
Simpson, Jennifer 3rd Grade
Small, Karen Special Education
Tougaw, Elizabeth Third
Williams, Shannon Second
Willis, Karen Media Specialist
Winningham, April Pre-K

Adkins, Jenifer Parent Involvement Coordinator
Cross, Kim Paraprofessional
Davey, Charity Counselor
Fulps, Teresa Custodian
Hudson, Stephanie Cafeteria Bookkeeper
Jones, Janice Custodian
Riley, Sheanna Paraprofessional
Rodriguez, Brenda Paraprofessional
Scott, Rhonda Paraprofessional
Slatton, Emily Paraprofessional
Smith, Stacey Paraprofessional
Taylor, Amy Custodian
Westmoreland, Nancy Paraprofessional